Homeopathy is now a regulated profession in Ontario. Apple Health clinic is a homeopathic clinic run by a team of two dynamic homeopaths Gurvinder Singh Kalra and Gunjeet Kaur Kalra. They both are registered homeopaths with College of Homeopaths. Both of them work collaboratively towards the mission and vision of Apple Health Clinic by using their knowledge, experience and values

Our Mission

Our Mission To improve the life quality of children, individuals, families and their communities through classical and Holistic approach by homeopathic medicine and providing a lifelong solution.
Vision – To treat children and their families in most efficient, effective and safe natural way so that they can live and enjoy their life to their full potential.
Values – Personalized treatment with full veracity, dedication, commitment, and accountability. Ethical values, Quality care maintained by competent, experienced, skilled, proficient professionals, Homeopathy at its best.

Our Team

Gurvinder Singh Kalra

Homeopath in Canada

D.H.M.S. ,B.H.M.S

G. S. Kalra is a self -motivated, energetic and vibrant homeopath. His Journey into Homeopathy started with the introduction of homeopathic philosophy by one of his friends while he was doing professional studies in Pharmaceutical sciences. He was so influenced and mesmerized that he changed his career from pharmacy to Homeopathy. He completed his graduation from Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital Chandigarh. Then he did House Physician job in HMC& Hospital Chandigarh.

Gunjeet Kaur Kalra

Homeopath in Canada

D.H.M.S ,B.H.M.S

Dr. Gunjeet Kaur Kalra, a dedicated homeopath did her graduation from Nehru homeopathic medical college and hospital. She is very sincere, dedicated and hardworking homeopath who has an immense desire to help patients and their families.

Gurvinder Singh Kalra and Gunjeet Kaur Kalra together were very passionate about homeopathy and eager to help. They started their own private clinics in India. There was no looking back since then. Together as a team they used to organise Homeopathic Dispensary Camps at different sites for the awareness of Homeopathy and welfare of the society. After more than 10 years of successful practice in India with three good running clinics. Coming to Canada they always kept a kit of homeopathic medicines with them. Wherever they stayed, they used to keep one room in house for the clinic. They cannot dream their life without Homeopathy. This passion has led them to full time clinical practice in Canada since very early time. Now they are having two clinics running in two different locations. They are very devoted homeopaths and eager to help everyone. Recently their focus has been geared more towards helping children with ASD, Speech delays, ADHD, ADD etc. To refine their work and give a better edge to the treatment of these children they have attending a lot of workshops, seminars and programs in Canada. Alongside with homeopathy, Gunjeet Kaur Kalra has been doing Autism and behavioural sciences program to even help these children and their
families better. They as a team provide health solutions with Homeopathic Consultation and prescription. They facilitate treatment for all kind of cases from acute to chronic. The list of diseases for which they provide consultation and homeopathic medicine is endless but just to name some are as follows-
Medicine is prescribed for long term chronic cases like Depression, Asthma, Migraine, Allergies, Eczema, IBS, Arthritis through meticulously designed case taking process which includes the Mind, Body and Emotional state of the person suffering with disease. This is also called Holistic Healing. As they believe in holistic approach, they treat patients in almost any condition where health of a person gets depleted. They specialize in providing highly effective treatment for disorders in children like AUTISM and related disorders, Social developmental Delay, Speech Developmental Delay, ADHD, Respiratory Disease such as Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, recurrent colds and cough, Enlarged Tonsils, Enlarged Adenoids, skin diseases such as Eczema, Hives etc., Constipation or Diarrhea of kids, Dentition ailments. They also provide treatment to Female patients having Polycystic Ovarian Disease, menstrual irregularities, Female Pattern Baldness, Vomiting and related issues during pregnancy, Postpartum Depression etc. They provide amazingly useful treatment in cases with injuries, fractures, cuts and bruises too where it enhances the healing process of the body and help in early recovery. They also give medicine in post-operative cases and provide treatment to help fight with complications of many diseases. They also provide treatment for many dental conditions too like gum swelling, gingivitis,
toothaches etc. They have been successfully treating various ailments present in animals too. They treat almost all types of chronic and acute diseases for any member of the family or individual.


Homeopathic medicines are scientifically prepared in Homeopathic pharmacies around the world. They are prepared according to the standards and processes explained in the homeopathic pharmacopeia. The ingredients used to make homeopathic medicines are obtained from natural sources within our environment like plants, animal products, minerals and even from chemical drug substances, hormones and enzymes etc. Preparing homeopathic medicines involves repeated dilutions so that only the curative medicinal properties of the natural substances is left in the dilution. This curative information is also known as vital force of the substance. The harmful toxic substance leaves the dilution thus leading to no side effects. Different potencies are obtained by the process of succussion and trituration.

The first visit to a homeopathic clinic is usually long. It may be 30 to two hour long depending upon variety of factors. During your first visit especially in chronic cases the homeopath does a case taking. Case taking is an essential component of homeopathic treatment. It is an important diagnostic tool. During this case taking process, Homeopath reviews the complete medical history of the patients including mental, physical and emotional state of the patient. This helps to extract an entire portrait of the patient’s symptom which in turn helps to choose right similimum medicine for the patient by matching the patient’s symptom profile. During case taking process a strong relationship and rapport is formed between the patent and homeopath that really contributes to a fast recovery too.

Follow up visits depends upon the need of the patient and homeopath’s philosophy. It may vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. It may last from 15 minute to 30 minutes depending on case to case.

Homeopathic is now a regulated profession in Ontario and various other provinces of Canada. The College of Homeopaths in Ontario was proclaimed on April 1st 2015.


Homeopathy is based on nature’s law of similar which means “like cures like”. A remedy can heal a sick person only if it produces a similar sickness in a healthy person. A simple example of this is the red onion from which a homeopathic medicine Allium Cepa is prepared. When we peel a red onion, we experience similar symptoms of cold or allergic attack like running nose, watery eyes with itching and burning and may begin to sneeze. If a patient has similar symptom we will prescribe Allium Cepa to cure him or her.
We know that no two persons are alike. Homeopathy considers this too and postulates that a disease in two different people exhibit in unique way with slightly different symptoms. The individualisation of the patient is done and specific individual medicine is prescribed according to the totality of symptom. Two different medicines will be prescribed to a case of allergic rhinitis on the basis of patient exhibiting different symptoms. Whereas in conventional medicine “one size fits all”. One medication is prescribed in all cases of allergic rhinitis or asthma etc.
Homeopathic prescription is based on the signs and symptoms patients give. It considers person as a whole while prescribing medicine. Homeopathy supports holistic and individualistic approach of prescribing medicine. Whereas conventional medicine prescribe medicine on basis of diagnosis or disease. If no diagnosis there is no medicine.
When the healing is complete especially in chronic cases, prescribed Homeopathic medicine can be stopped. The symptoms do not relapse or recur. Whereas Conventional medicine controls a disease through regular administration of medicines. Once the medicine stopped the symptom relapse and recur.
Homeopathy boosts the immune systems whereas conventional medicine compromises with the immune system.
Homeopathic treats the root cause of the disease whereas conventional medicine just temporary alleviate the symptoms of the disease.
Homeopathic medicines are used in minimum doses thus do not produce any side effects whereas Conventional medicines have unpleasant side effects.

Homeopathy helps in all kind of cases from acute to chronic. Patients recover from their long-term chronic diseases where many other conventional medicines fail to help or completely cure the patient- like depression, asthma, migraine, Allergies, eczema, IBS, Autism, speech delays, arthritis etc.

As homeopathy believes in the holistic approach and treats the person as whole so it can be used in almost any condition where health of a person gets depleted. It is amazingly useful in cases of injuries, fractures, cuts and bruises too where it enhances the healing process of the body and helps in early recovery. They are also very effective in post-operative cases and even help to fight with complication of many diseases. Homeopathic medicines are commonly prescribed for many dental conditions too. Now a days, Homeopathic medicines are successfully treating many animals and is widely used by the veterinary physicians in their clinics.

Homeopathic is absolutely safe and extremely effective form of medical treatment. They are used in minute doses so they have no side effects and can be safely prescribed to infants, babies, children and even pregnant women. It does not interact with other pharmaceutical or herbal medicines. It is now been used by many Veterinarians in treating pets and animals.


Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

Sir is very patient in listening to his patients and advising to keep a good health. Health is wealth.

Ravi kanth Reddy Gade

Best Doctor in Brampton special for autism.

Pawandeep Sall

Best homeopathic doctor in town. He is very knowledgeable, kind, caring. He takes a keen interest with all this patients.

Rossetta Sornabala